Arjowiggins Le Bourray is a well-known producer of coloured tissue with its Kaleido range, white tissue for printing with its Print and Easy Print brands and speciality tissue (medical, feminine hygiene, nappies), etc. We produce only products tailor-made for our customers. Our tissues can be ajusted in accordance with many parameters: certification of the products or the raw materials, stretch, fibrous composition, strength, etc. We produce many different grammages on request, from 16.5 to 28 g/m².

As manufacturers of tissue for napkins, we created Kaleido, a range of coloured tissues for table napkins, placemats and tablecloths. An infinitely varied palette of colours, already featuring over 200 different tones. Converters all over the world use our mother reels of coloured tissue.

The sources of inspiration for our customers are endless: new Pantone® references, candles, pieces of clothe, and more. We create these colours in our laboratory, extending our know-how by more than 10 new tints every year.

With Kaleido Easy Process, we supply converters who use the fastest machines. Arjowiggins, producer of bonded plies, makes it easy to fulfil your needs!

* Pantone, registered trademark.