Arjowiggins Le Bourray is a subsidiary of Arjowiggins Graphic, leader in environmental and innovative solutions for paper communication media and speciality papers. 

Situated near Le Mans in the Sarthe (72), western France, the Arjowiggins Le Bourray factory has been manufacturing tissue for special purposes for close on half a century, and has made its name as the standard of reference among makers of tissue for napkins. Our mother reels of white and coloured tissue can be found in converting factories the world over.

Colour, printability, stretch, strength or grammage – all these are parameters that will optimize the performance of your production plant and meet all your requirements.

Our know-how resides in our capacity to produce tissue that exactly matches all the customer’s specifications. No converting is done internally. Our expertise enables us to produce reels in widths as small as 12 cm or up to 270 cm.

With our regular production cycles, we can meet the requirements of our customers while rigorously respecting the environment:

  • For the table top, with our plain white tissue for printed napkins and our coloured tissues available in an infinite variety of shades.
  • For medical and feminine hygiene applications, with their respective requirements.

Our two machines give us maximum flexibility to meet your needs. In just five weeks, we can produce every possible colour, while still carrying out two cycles of white tissue. We can offer particularly short production times, even for speciality tissues.

Our sales team, being based on-site, ensures close links between our production team and our converter customers, for proper, efficient service.